Solo : A Star Wars Story

Dir: Ron Howard


NVIZ and Ncam provide live CG on Vandor.

Working closely with overall VFX Supervisor Rob Bredow, NVIZ used Ncam’s technology to enhance and streamline the production process during the Imperial Train Heist sequence.

The sequence follows our characters on top of a train speeding through the mountains of Vandor. All shot on a bluescreen stage, it was essential to the Director to be able to visualise what each shot would look like in real time. Working with both The Third Floor and ILM, Hugh Macdonald incorporated CG assets into the Ncam setup and worked them into ‘chapters’, enabling the Director to call out various animation beats for the actors to respond to on set. This enabled many of the camera moves in the final cut to be informed by VFX elements that weren’t present on the day.

Solo Train 01

The workflow developed throughout the shoot, eventually enabling the Director to revise basic animation on the fly and come up with fresh ideas based on what he was seeing through the monitor. In addition to the benefits of real-time visualization, the CG imagery and tracking data captured by Ncam each day was then passed on to Editorial and comped in as Postvis. 

Solo Rob

“When we walked off the set for the day, we not only had better, more informed and more intuitive camera moves that felt more in the style of the rest of the sequence — we also had our postvis already done,”

Rob Bredow, VFX Supervisor & Co-producer

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Virtual Camera SupervisorHugh Macdonald