Creating a pitch perfect visualisation that answers all the questions.

We have been providing high quality Postvis for film and TV for over a decade

Once regarded as simple VFX placeholders in the final edit, Postvis is now recognised as an important stage in the emergence of that final cut.  At its best, Postvis assists decision-making around the aesthetic choices and informs planning for the next stage of visual effects. 

At NVIZ we understand that Postvis isn’t ‘one size fits all’ and can range from basic placeholder bluescreen comps all the way to Unreal Engine environment and creature renders. We are also happy to discuss with you the level of fidelity required by your show, and are constantly improving our workflow to deliver the best quality work with the fastest turnaround time. When delivered as part of our Postvis to VFX pipeline internally, we can offer the best possible production value for creators and production companies alike.

View our reel and a selection of Postvis projects below.

Postvis Projects