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NVIZ has provided Previs, Virtual Production and VFX for Seasons 2 to 4 of Starz' epic Outlander series.

Season 2

With Season 2 being split between 1960’s Scotland and the High Society of 18th Century Paris, NVIZ helped recreate a variety of period details and environments including a fully CG Palace of Versailles using photogrammetry techniques. The Ncam system was used to help visualise the scene on set, enabling the Director to see in real time how the establishing shots would work with the 3D assets.

Season 3

For Season 3 NVIZ reunited with show VFX Supervisor Richard Briscoe to deliver over 60 shots, including detailed environment work to create the Royal Mile in 19th Century Edinburgh. We also delivered green screen replacements, underwater effects and a 1000 frame fully CG 'eye of the storm' storm shot bookended by live action plates. This shot takes us from the middle of a capsized shipwreck to the actors washing up on the shores of the American colony of Georgia, setting up Season 4.

Season 4

For Season 4 our work was focused on rebuilding the port town of Wilmington as a fully CG environment. We populated the streets with digital characters, smoke, rain and snow to help establish a level of realism. For various shots throughout this series we added blood and gore, explosion enhancements, digital doubles and a number of split screens.

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NVIZ VFX Supervisor James Fleming
NVIZ VFX SupervisorRichard Clarke
NVIZ VFX ProducerCiaran Keenan