Meet Luke Kaile and Chris Lunney - the new vanguard at NVIZ


We’re delighted to share the news that our Head of Studio, Luke Kaile, has been promoted to the role of Managing Director, and will now be responsible for the day to day running of  NVIZ alongside Creative Director, Chris Lunney.

In partnership, Luke and Chris are committed to furthering our reputation as innovators and creative collaborators, while continuing to develop a progressive culture and inclusive decision-making process within the company, which is embodied by their joint leadership alongside company founder, Nic Hatch.

Chris summed it up when he said, “For me, NVIZ has always represented the best of what working in the VFX industry has to offer on a human level. Since I joined in 2012, the studio has consistently  embraced the process of visual storytelling and problem solving in VFX filmmaking, with a strong focus on both the artist and the client experience. Our collaborative work ethic means our artists are making a true creative difference to both the filmmaking process and the final frame, generating a pride that shows in our work. I’m thrilled to have Luke steering the ship, as he personifies what I feel NVIZ is all about - talent, passion, collaboration and trust.”

Luke jumped in to say, “I’m delighted to be leading this new stage of our development with Chris, in a company that I love. NVIZ’s charm has always been in its bespoke offerings, utilising compact, dedicated teams that allows us to adapt to the intracises each project demands. This enables us to prioritise our client's needs and to ensure our teams can focus on delivering their best work.  Ultimately, our ambition doesn’t sit with numbers, but rather in our quality.” 

We couldn’t have put it better, Luke.  Best of luck from everyone at NVIZ!