The Great NVIZ Quarantine Easter Bake Off


On your marks, get set, bake!

Over the Easter break, NVIZ put on their aprons and competed in a cupcake contest - The Great NVIZ Quarantine Easter Bake Off.

Since we couldn't sadly taste the results, we could only admire them from afar and judge them based solely on looks.

The theme was CUPCAKES & FILM.

It was "sweet" victory for Craig, who won 1st prize for his winning cupcakes,representing the films of Quentin Tarantino!

Quentin Tarantino Cupcakes: 1st Prize!

And here are some of the runners up...

RoboCop (with and without helmet)

Pride (Inspired by our work on Matthew Warchus' 2014 movie).


Steel Magnolias

and should you need a reference for THAT armadillo cake...