NVIZ Featured in The Virtual Production Field Guide


NVIZ was honoured to be featured in the comprehensive second volume of Epic GamesVirtual Production Field Guide, along with other leaders in the virtual production industry.

The volume, which can be downloaded as a PDF (see the link below), interviews NVIZ's CEO, Kris Wright and Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Hugh Macdonald, on the innovative techniques that we have been developing with Unreal Engine and using successfully across a plethora of projects.

Exciting developments in our Vcam system, which we recently christened ARENA, have seen it being used on a variety of high profile projects, including the award winning The Midnight Sky. ARENA brings the creator back into the Previs stage, by demystifying the process and encouraging collaboration. Tangibly involving Directors, DoPs, VFX Supervisors, Production Designers, Stunt Supervisors, Editors etc., with a 'hands-on' use of the system.

Using ARENA, filmmakers can plan every scene meticulously, setting up the cameras themselves, easily and intuitively before they ever step foot on set. In addition to the creative freedom this affords and the added value this approach brings to anticipating problems with set build, lighting, environment logistics etc., all of this can also be easily managed remotely. All the filmmaker needs access to is an iPad, making it a perfect tool for remote working conditions.

We'll be revealing more about ARENA in the coming months, so watch this space! In the meantime, we've shared a link to the guide and some related reading below.

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