NVIZ Lockdown Cookdown


Introducing NVIZ Lockdown Cookdown - a selection of culinary delights our talented team have rustled up in the kitchen whilst WFH. What better way to beat off the lockdown blues, by getting creative in the kitchen. We have been sharing recipes amongst ourselves for some time now, so we thought it would be rude not to share some of the results with you. Here is some culinary inspiration that will be sure to kill any food boredom. 

We thought we'd share with you two recipes from our firm favorites: parkin ginger cake and vegan muffins (because - who doesn't want more muffins in their lives!) Although they may add a few extra pounds to the waistline, we must warn you!

Vegan Muffins
This recipe is easy and works just as well with any jam.

Parkin Cake
Parkin is a heavy, gingery, gooey ‘cake’ that keeps for ages, becoming stickier & softer over time. It wonderful warmed up with custard - very comforting on a winter’s night!