We Are NVIZ At Home


In March 2020, NVIZ packed our desks to set up shop and work from home; thanks to our tremendous tech team for the smooth transition. As millions did around the world, we were thinking we'd be back in the office in just a few weeks. As the coronavirus pandemic continued, weeks turned into months, and the working from home life has become our new normal. Despite working remotely the NVIZ team have really pulled together and morale has been kept high amongst colleagues. We'd like to introduce to you some of our talented and passionate team members, to see how they've been finding lockdown life and working from home...

Meet Agueda del Castillo, a 2D Lead/2D Supervisor at NVIZ. “What I miss the most about communal working is definitely the people at NVIZ! I count some of my colleagues as dear friends. I miss sharing moments hanging in the kitchen with a cup of coffee in the morning, or going out for lunch, or for an after work beer... those things.” #wearenvizathome

Meet Jakob Lundbye, CG/Unreal Generalist at NVIZ. “In our generation we are lucky to have the opportunities to video call with friends and family and have virtual pub quizzes, Easter lunch and combat training. This form of communication was not a possibility in past world crises. The weeks have been passing rapidly for me.” #wearenvizathome

Meet our Head of 2D, Jamie Wood. Jamie’s been seeing the positives of our newfound WFH lockdown life - developing healthier routines and spending more time with his family. Along with his duties as Head of 2D, Jamie’s been busy working on Warner Bros. Pictures’ The Witches and Netflix’s The Irregulars. #wearenvizathome

Meet Bhumika Mayer (better known as Bee) - one of our much loved VFX Producers. Working from home has brought great changes for many families around the world, and Bee’s found the right balance between work and family life; ensuring the smooth running of her shows and still finding time to bake and cook with her little girl. She's also expecting another baby this summer - huge congratulations Bee! #wearenvizathome

Meet Rose Hancock, a Previs & Business Development Producer at NVIZ. Rose is riding out the lockdown in Norfolk, enjoying epic countryside walks, hanging out with her new friends - the local sheep, and has become an emergency response volunteer for the vulnerable. #wearenvizathome

Meet Riccardo Gambi, a Motion Designer & Senior Compositor at NVIZ. Riccardo’s currently working on some exciting upcoming projects: Netflix's The Irregulars and Warner Bros. Pictures’ adaptation of The Witches. When he’s not busy compositing, Riccardo is embracing his new routine of daily workouts, and deep-diving into biographies on great filmmakers like the iconic graphic designer Saul Bass. #wearenvizathome