NVIZ Selects: Feel-good movies


We all need a little escapism now and again.

What with the global pandemic, multiple lockdowns, gloomy news and turbulent politics, it's safe to say, we all need more cheer and laughter right now...and maybe even a sing song! We've selected some mood boosting movies and shows that NVIZ have worked on over the years, guaranteed to raise those spirits. Check out our curation of feel good, family friendly movies...

An American Pickle

Because one Seth Rogen is never enough! Out now on HBO Max and Amazon Prime, be sure to check out our dedicated Pickle page to find out how NVIZ tackled two Seth Rogens on screen. 

The One And Only Ivan

The heartwarming The One And Only Ivan is a pleasure to watch for both kids and adults alike. Disney are no stranger to family-fun films with talking animals, this movie will be sure to inspire and touch your hearts and brighten up your day. NVIZ completed over 500 previs shots and 600 postvis shots, for more info on our work, head here. Available on Disney+.

Sing Street

A true sleeper hit, and one that could make you leap up from the sofa, and sing and dance to your heart's content! This charming musical drama follows a boy starting a band, growing up in Dublin in the 1980s. Available on Amazon Prime and iTunes.


It doesn't matter how many times you may have watched the original, Will Smith's Genie is a winner. Will Smith even said that working on Aladdin was the most fun he's ever had with his movie making career. Available on Disney+, NVIZ provided virtual production services on this Guy Ritchie adaptation. Check out some of the on-set virtual production work here:


This furry, cuddly, little bear promises to make you feel good about the world once again. Paddington's positively delightful, a wholesome movie full of warmth and wit. Available on Amazon Prime and iTunes.


NVIZ were proud to have overseen all 180 VFX shots for Pride, a British film about UK gay activists' work to help miners during the lengthy strikes during the summer of 1984. Pride won Best Film at the 2014 British Independent Film Awards. Available on Amazon Prime, iTunes and BFI Player.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

A Wes Anderson classic, this star studded stop motion animated movie is delightfully funny. Fantastic Mr. Fox is a visual treat, entertaining and uplifting. Trust us, this movie will certainly cheer you up. Available on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

Eddie The Eagle

Working once again with MARV Films, NVIZ were proud to provide all VFX requirements for Dexter Fletchers' Biopic. Inspired by true events, Taron Egerton plays the courageous British ski jumper Michael Edwards, better known as "Eddie the Eagle." A feel-good movie that will melt your heart, with a fab 1980s soundtrack. Available on Amazon Prime and iTunes.