An American Pickle: VFX Breakdown reel


NVIZ´s latest VFX breakdown reel for our work on An American Pickle is now live!

Out now on HBO Max in the US, and recently available on Amazon Prime in UK, learn how NVIZ tackled the challenges of portraying two Seth Rogens on screen. Directed by Brandon Trost, NVIZ worked closely with VFX Supervisor Adam Rowland. Our internal supervisor was Jason Evans, and Vikki Chapman was the VFX producer on the show for NVIZ.

If you haven´t yet seen the HBO featurette that showcases the 'art of twinning', it´s an interesting watch. An American Pickle presented some unique challenges in order to portray two Seth Rogens on screen. Our prior experience of creating two Tom Hardys in the British movie Legend (again with VFX Supervisor Adam Rowland) meant that NVIZ were a natural choice for the innovative problem solving on An American Pickle.

If you would like to learn more about our work on An American Pickle, head to our dedicated Pickle page to read further. We´re proud to be featured in TelevisualThe Focus, FX Guide, Befores and Afters, and The Art of VFX.

And don´t forget the most important day of the year, November 14th is National Pickle Day!

All images Courtesy of HBO Max.