Heart of Stone

Dir: Tom Harper


NVIZ provide rock solid VFX for Gal Gadot's Heart of Stone

Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman, Justice League) is no stranger to action movies and her new movie, Heart of Stone from director, Tom Harper, is a fast paced thriller featuring spies, espionage and plenty of visual effects.

NVIZ were tapped to work on the film with overall VFX Supervisor, Mark Breakspear to deliver a series of VFX and GFX shots crucial to the storytelling. The work was led internally by VFX Supervisor Mary Stroumpouli and GFX Supervisor Ian Sargent over a short, but intense schedule.

Detailed and meticulously researched graphics resulted in highly realistic coding, messaging app and computer graphics which were integrated into live action shots, including high energy and fast moving scenes. The VFX work included a CG gas grenade, smoke, environment extensions, as well as window and screen insert compositing. The VFX and GFX departments supported each other in an iterative process of combining their two areas to deliver impeccable work that aids the storytelling without breaking the rocket fueled pace of the action.

Heart of Stone is streaming now on Netflix.

Check out the awesome trailer for Heart of Stone

VFX Supervisor Mary Stroumpouli
GFX SupervisorIan Sargent