Dir: Brian Taylor, David Petrarca


Working with Netflix and Brian Taylor, NVIZ completed 111 shots for the 2017 black comedy crime series “Happy!”

The eight part series, based on the comic of the same name, follows a disgraced cop as he embarks on a violent drug filled mission to find an abducted child, all the while hounded by her imaginary friend:
a flying miniature unicorn named Happy.

Happy VFX

Our team was tasked with creating the delusional fantasy world of the villain - a mentally deranged Santa Claus character. The work involved mixing footage, stills, CG and FX simulations to create everything from 100 metre tall toys covered in glitter rain, to two tonne fortune cookies!

In addition the team created a New York street for a complex CG aerial shot and worked on various augmentation of blood and gore for the very many fight sequences.

Happy! on IMDB.

NVIZ VFX SupervisorJason Evans