Dir: Jon Wright
Forward Films


NVIZ completed over 200 visual effects shots for the Irish comedy thriller.

Written by Kevin Lehane and directed by Jon Wright, Grabbers tells the story of a booze-sizzled policeman (Richard Coyle) who joins forces with straight-laced colleague (Ruth Bradley) in a battle to protect the local community from 'tentacled, fang-jawed, barb-tongued creatures' from the deep.

The main shoot was achieved in 6 weeks over the winter of 2010/2011 in challenging conditions in Northern Ireland, and post production ran from March to November 2011. NVIZ enjoyed a strong collaboration with director Jon Wright and production company Forward Films, creating 120 exciting animation shots involving three different types of bizarre alien creatures.

The digital production process was overseen in house by VFX Supervisor Paddy Eason and CG Supervisor Martin Chamney, encompassing conceptual illustrations, creature motion studies, previs and production-ready CG assets, through to final VFX shots. Grabbers was NVIZ's first major CG creature work, and our CG pipeline was born out of the work on this show.

Grabbers first screened at the 2012 Sundance film festival to huge acclaim.

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VFX SupervisorPaddy Eason