Emerald City

Dir: Tarsem Singh


NVIZ provided BAFTA-nominated VFX across the whole season of Emerald City, described as a modern re-imagining of the stories that led to 'The Wizard of Oz'.

We created a wide range of shots with some extensive environment work, matte paintings, set extensions, complicated wire removal, gore enhancement, crowd duplication and also a CG creature.

One shot presented a matchmove challenge whereby we were adding hundreds of drowning witches to a soaring wave. Without any points of reference a hand track became necessary but with a little patience our lead matchmove artist delivered a solid track. 

For the interior shots of Glinda's castle we were tasked with creating a magical door. We came up with several designs before moving into look development for the opening mechanism and then rolling out across multiple episodes.

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NVIZ VFX SupervisorThomas Dyg
NVIZ VFX SupervisorAdam Rowland