Black Mirror Season 6

Dir: Various


We’re huge fans of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror here at NVIZ, so it was quite a buzz to work on three of the five episodes in the sixth series. 

Our team had the pleasure of providing detailed graphics and compositing across the episodes.  Our team was led internally by VFX Supervisor, Agueda del Castillo, while screen graphics were supervised by Ian Sargent.

For Loch Henry a young couple making a wildlife documentary in a small Scottish village become embroiled in investigating an old crime.  We were tasked to recreate a montage sequence portraying the actions of our protagonists as they cut together the trailer for their documentary. The entire documentary trailer project was actually created in for real Adobe Premiere using footage and stills provided by production, and the team set about recording themselves ‘acting’ out the part, matching the reference cut.  We also worked on designing and implementing a retro video capture software look for the old reporting on the crime, adding VHS effects on footage, recreating scanning software and replicating old tabloid newspapers. Other work included car comps and screen inserts and the team even got to subtly modify the credits for the BBC’s iconic 80’s detective series, Bergerac.  

Demon 79 is set in northern Britain in the late 70s.  More retro design was required for this episode, this time of news channel graphics which were briefed to be based on language already established in earlier seasons of the show.  The news reports cover the rise of a right-wing political party and recreates iterations of that party’s logo and propaganda material across three decades.  This meant indicating the change from the subtle evidence of a right wing party to the more overtly fascist presentation decades later.

Finally, Mazey Day, brought together a series of story-telling graphics created and composited as computer screen inserts, sat navs, and mobile phones, as well as TV channel graphics and compositing work to recreate LA from footage shot in Malaga.

Black Mirror Season 6 is currently streaming on Netflix.

Check out our Black Mirror Season 6 breakdown reel below. 

VFX Supervisor Agueda del Castillo
GFX SupervisorIan Sargent